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1-2 December 2021
Liège, Belgium

17 Organisations (Trade Unions, local and regional authorities, civil society organisations, NGO) from 5 EU Countries (Belgium, Italy, Greece, Slovenia and Bulgaria) have decided to exchange in 8 different Mutual Learning Programmes in order to:

  • Improve UnionMigrantNet members and local authorities’ services provided to migrants by the exchange of experiences, good practices for assisting migrants’ integration in the labour market
  • Exchange on EU policy on migration and instruments developed to smooth the integration of migrants and refugees in the labour market

On 1 December 2021, the kick-off event of these MLP will take place in Liège, Belgium and would be the opportunity to define common objectives and methodology for these MLP but also to exchange with the local organisations directly involved in the reception and integration of migrants into the society and the labour market.