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ETUI training “Organising and promoting undocumented migrant workers’ rights” In cooperation with ETUC, PICUM, TUC

Undocumented migrant workers constitute one of the most marginalized workers communities in Europe, as they face significant barriers to claiming employment rights, including risks of immigration enforcement. At the same time, undocumented migrant workers often work in labour market sectors with very low union presence. This enables employers to exploit undocumented workers and force them to accept poor wages, following the general trend of worsening working conditions and rights. Therefore, unions must increase their organising powers with undocumented migrant workers and ensure they are empowered in trade unions, to influence union bargaining with employers and authorities, to prevent and respond to the exploitation they face.

This training course follows a campaign launched in 2018 by the ETUC, PICUM and the UnionMigrantNet.

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